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the Judge in Norway, calling to execute Brejvika, it is discharged of process

Oslo, 17 apr - News, Anastas Jakonjuk. One of six judges on process " the Norwegian marksman " Thomas Indrebju admitted on Tuesday what exactly it in July of last year, having registered at a forum of the known edition " Verdensgang " has urged to execute " the Norwegian marksman "; on a judgement he has left process.

the MSG W an appeal to execute Anders Brejvika it has been placed at an edition forum " Verdensgang " from an account registered on electronic mail of one of six judges on process " the Norwegian marksman " have informed earlier local mass-media. The consequence has declared that finds out, a leah one of judges left such appeal.

" the Most objective and fair punishment in a similar case - the death penalty " - the judge on July, 23rd last year, that is next day after act of terrorism has written, having put after that statements of 10 exclamation points.

Participants of process have demanded on Tuesday B4 the session beginning that the name of the judge who have left this statement, has been named and that he has left process. After several meetings the court has made the decision that Thomas Indrebju, admitted what it has left this MSG, should stop the participation in process as it can be biassed.

" the Court has unanimously made the decision that judge Indrebju should leave process. It is disqualified, its place will be occupied with judge Vislyof " - the judge Elizabeth Arntsen`s Wreath after meeting has told.

Indrebju is the nonprofessional judge. When the decision on its participation in process over Brejvikom, Indrebju, as well as to its colleagues was made, it was necessary to answer questions, including, on activity in sotssetjah. On MSG in mass-media, the judge has held back similar statements.

Anders Brejvik is accused that on July, 22nd last year has arranged explosion in the governmental quarter of Oslo in which result eight persons were lost, and of shooting in a scout camp of a workers` party of Norway on island Utyojja where the accused has shot 69 persons.