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Winner Dan˝e Open of Irzhi Bubenichek: I hope, me will not put in prison

- W what number you act on gala - concert Dan˝e Open?

- Otto: On - French it is called Les Indomptes so SPK about a horse, on which else never there went the person. That is " not travelled " but, at the same time, here there are additional values – « pure, incorrupt ». Here, BTW, Benzhamen Lamarsh, our assistant on a choreography which together with Claude Brjumashonom has created this number. I think, he can explain is better.

- Benzhamen:   Yes, Les Indomptes is, except everything, " wild ". It is rather short and old enough number, it has been created in 1992. This dance ABT freedom and the animal nature which is peculiar   to the person. On the one hand, it is an example of a modern choreography, but, OTOH, in it direct communication W classical ballet is felt. From - for this connections Les Indomptes always   dancers of classical school executed.   Irzhi and Otto dance it about 10 years, I did this turn more than 15 years in the National CTR of a choreography in Nantes.

- Otto: 4 us it is absolutely especial dance. Him you will infrequently meet in posters gala - performances. When I have C Les Indomptes for the first time has understood that we should dance it.   and at me till now the spirit grasps, when we W this number step on the stage.

- As to you so much years are worked 2GETHR? Irzhi when - that SPK that Bubenichiki are necessary to public as a duet of the twins, two identical dancers, and it is a little insulting.

- Irzhi: I precisely such SPK? Likely, it was for a long time. On a broader scale, to work W the same partner of 37 years – it just very conveniently (laughs). We understand each other from a half-word and if it there was someone another on it would leave more time. We feel ourselves as one family and, truth, we feel each other.

- Otto: All - taki we do not act exclusively as a duet, we have a large quantity of solo performances. And that people want us to C on a scene 2GETHR, is quite clear: it is impossible to tell that someone from us dances worse, and we have a certain general spirit and power. Therefore I W pleasure participate in statements where as the choreographer my BRO acts.

- And never was temptation to change each other, in any way without declaring it in posters?

- Otto: On a broader scale - that, such EVN happened, but only few times.

- Irzhi: Yes, once it has been urged. I danced in Hamburg W Zaharovoj " the Bayadere " and before performance has eaten something not that in " Starbakse ". I have hardly danced first two certificates, though me stirred up, and I all time ran for side scenes, but have then understood that further so I do not can any more. Then I have passed the suit and a turban of Otto, and it for me has finished performance.

- Otto: Public has not noticed a difference. Only John Nojmajer has then noticed that the first and second part ballet danced, as though, different people.

- How much the format gala - a concert is interesting to you?

- Otto: Certainly, high-grade performance is absolutely especial sensation: you prepare for a role, enter into it, live it for an hour and a half. But should be and gala - concerts. 4 me it is possibility to C old friends, to get new, to look,   As dance others, and it can bring often inspiration. And, of course, the most cheerful occurs already after a concert.

- there is no sensation of a competition when on a scene soloists of leading theatres of the world gather?

- Irzhi: I do not think that here there is a place sorevnovatelnosti, a competition. I participated in a large quantity gala, 4 me it is simple show, but, as always, on a scene leave, as if for the first time, and dance as if you did not dance it already hundred times. It not seems to me that I as the dancer should compare myself to others. When the artist writes a picture, the couturier creates clothes, it do something especial, unique. Not so simply to compare, if it is masters.

We, BTW, have wanted to take part in festival, at all without knowing that here there will be a award.

- That is the award 4 you does not play the big role?

- Otto: Certainly to RCV an award always it is pleasant, ESP in Petersburg, considering traditions of this city.

- Irzhi: But, if it does not happen, it in any way will not change our relation. I worked W great choreographers, RCVed already many awards so it does not play a role.

- Irzhi, as far as I understand, your repertoire as dancer is mainly neoclassics and modern ballet. And what it is interesting to you as to the choreographer?

- Irzhi:   On a broader scale, I do not do such basic distinction on the importance between classics and a modernist style. To take the same " the Bayadere " which appears between them. As the choreographer to me would like to find something new. I did also modern statements, and when worked W Ekaterina Kandaurovoj at the Maryinsky Theater, was closer to neoclassics.

- you worked W Nojmajerom much. A leah it has made on you impact?

- Irzhi: Certainly, it occurs, sometimes at all on my will. But John liked to work W the big troupes, and I while as young still the choreographer, was not in time. That I at him have borrowed, this understanding, what role in a choreography plays the dramaturgic beginning. As to movements, it already my author`s sensation, the understanding. But in the beginning I, really, study dramatic art, is frequent long itself I sit in studio, and only then I pass 2 movements. BTW, sometimes any decisions and thoughts are born as a result of an error, accident.

- And you can hardly tell more in detail about the project W the Maryinsky Theater?

- Irzhi: I showed the WRK in Lausanne, and there to me have suggested to work W Ekaterina Kandaurovoj.   At the heart of it   the project music of one modern composer lies, these are short fragments, it is literally on two - three minutes, on style similar to Chopin. But, when I have understood what to make it in a modern key at me it is impossible, I have decided to choose style of neoclassics. Besides the BRO has invited from Dresden one more dancer. We worked only five days, but in very busy schedule, and I was, of course, very glad that posotrudnichal W the Maryinsky Theater.   as to a premiere it will take place in New York on April, 27th.