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Tens planes and helicopters are ready to struggle against forest fires in the Russian Federation

Moscow, 17 apr - News. More than 140 planes and helicopters are ready to extinguish natural fires in Russia, the director of department fire - saving forces of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation Maxim Vladimirov has informed journalists on Tuesday.

in the Summer and partially in the autumn of 2010 on a considerable part of territory of Russia the strongest natural fires called by an abnormal heat blazed. In 19 subjects of federation 199 settlements have suffered, have burnt down 3,2 thousand houses, 62 persons were lost. The general damage has exceeded 12 billion roubles. In 2011 fire 2 has captured considerable territories, first of all, the Far East and Siberia. The big role in struggle against kindlings both in 2010, and in 2011 the aircraft has played.

" The grouping by number more than 930 thousand persons, an order of 120 thousand technics, including 143 aircrafts is prepared, 137 water drain devices " are equipped; - has told Vladimirs. He has noticed that all technics is ready to WRK.

According to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in 2011 in territory of Russia has occurred 21,1 thousand forest fires (in 2010 - 34,8 thousand) a total area of 1,67 million hectares (in 2010 - 2,45 million).

the Most difficult conditions during the separate periods of a fire-dangerous season developed in Yakutia, Komi, Buryatiya, Khabarovsk, Transbaikalian, Krasnoyarsk edges, the Archangelical and Irkutsk areas.

On Severo - the Western, Ural, Siberian and Far East federal districts 88 % from total of the arisen forest fires and 99 % from the area passed by fire were necessary.