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Moscow, 18 apr - News can RCV Moscow suburbs 20 mlrd rub in a year from working in capital

. Moscow Region can RCV annually in addition about 20 billion roubles in case taxes to incomes of inhabitants of Moscow suburbs working in Moscow will be transferred into the area budget, instead of capitals, have informed News on Wednesday in Moscow regional Duma.

According to the current legislation, the tax to incomes of physical persons (NDFL) is collected by the employer in a WRK place, this tax remains in the region budget where the enterprise is registered. Earlier Sergey Shojgu confirmed on fast of the governor of Moscow Region, has declared that citizens should pay taxes in a residence, instead of in a WRK place. Many inhabitants of Moscow suburbs work in Moscow and in the same place taxes pay, and the basic social loading lies on area, it has reminded.

" By estimation, Moscow Region at redistribution NDFL could RCV in addition in the budget about 20 billion roubles annually. Taking into account that the inhabitants of area working in Moscow, use a social infrastructure in Moscow suburbs, it would be fair and to put means in hospitals, schools and roads to residing region " - are given in a MSG of a word of the chairman of the Moscow regional thought of Igor Bryntsalov.

In its opinion, there are two vanta question decisions: it is possible to pass to a mode independent payments of taxes or to agree about redistribution of incomes between regions.

" In spite of the fact that the area budget increases every year, a number of problems in any way does not manage to be solved. From May till October loading increases by social objects several times. More than five millions summer residents annually get over for a summer season in Moscow suburbs. The road traffic grows. Thus additional means for transport networks to region it is not allocated " - Bryntsalov has noted.

the Speaker of Moscow regional Duma 2 has reminded that from this year Moscow Region will annually lose an order of 24 billion roubles of tax gathering as a result of expansion of Moscow and joining to capital of a part of Moscow suburbs.

" to Compensate dropping out incomes and to find additional means for reduction of an infrastructure and roads to an order - 2DAY our main task, therefore we once again will return 2 consideration of a question on redistribution of taxes " - Bryntsalov has concluded.

Before premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has suggested the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation to think over possibility of collection of taxes in a residence, instead of WRK. In the Ministry of Finance have declared that will collect taxes in a residence difficultly as many citizens actually live not there where are registered, and incomes of regions have suggested to level by interbudgetary regulation.