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Criminal case ABT kindling They be 154 in Jugre it is stopped

Ekaterinburg, 18 apr - News. Investigating bodies have closed the criminal case raised in January, 2011 in connection with kindling of the engine of the plane They are 154 in Surgut (Hunts - the Mansijsky autonomous region), has informed on Wednesday on a press - conferences the head of the Ural investigatory management on transport SKR Dmitry Putintsev.

" Criminal case is stopped in connection with absence of event of a crime " - Putintsev has told.

It has explained that short circuit, that is technical, instead of the human factor became the kindling reason.

" the Reason of occurrence of a fire was occurrence of an electric arch, most possibly, from - for supernumerary synchronised inclusions of two generators in parallel WRK... In general, short circuit " - Putintsev has told.

As he said, the plane during 5 - has burnt out 7 minutes completely.

At the airport of Surgut on January, 1st this year after start B4 a start of motion on main rulezhnoj to a path   one of dvigatelejsamoleta They has lighted up be 154 companies " Kogalymavia ". Passengers and crewmen urgently evacuated.   three persons were lost, more than 40 have been hospitalised W burns and a poisoning with carbonic oxide. Among the escaped passengers were   participants of popular group " On - On ".