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the Owner " the Lame horse " has been hospitalised from a court hall

Perm, 18 apr - News. Lenin district court of Perm during session on the case of a fire in night club " the Lame horse " on Wednesday has been urged to declare a break - to the main accused businessman Anatoly Zak it became bad, and it have taken away in hospital, the lawyer of the figurant has informed News on Wednesday has put Paul Jakovlev.

" Have taken away once again in hospital from court, in surgical branch of the Perm regional clinical hospital. In session the break see you tomorrow (on April, 19th) " is declared; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

the Fire in the club, become to the largest in the country on number of victims for the last half a century, has occurred on an anniversary PRT of an institution on the night of December, 5th, 2009. In day of incident and in the subsequent some MTH from burns and poisonings with burning products were lost 156 persons, still a hundred order were traumatised.

Litigation on the basic business ABT a fire proceeds since autumn of 2010. In matelah 400 persons, figurants of business - eight appear victims from above. From them under arrest there is one - businessman Anatoly Zak whom the consequence names the actual owner of an institution.

Earlier Zak repeatedly complained of health, during judicial examination physicians have revealed at it some diseases - in particular, an ischemic heart trouble and divertikuljarnuju illness. The businessman has been operated, now it 2 needs a heart operation.

Zak, main, under the version of the investigation, the accused and actual owner of an institution, the informal chief executive of club Svetlana Efremova and art - director Oleg Fetkulov are accused under article " Rendering as a part of the organised group of the services which are not meeting the requirements of security of life and health of consumers, the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health and  destruction of people ".

Eks - head Gospozhnadzora of edge Vladimir Muhutdinov is accused of abusing powers of office. According to the investigation, it has given out " the Lame horse " and to shop " Lja Kav " not representing the facts conclusions ABT observance of requirements of fire security. Inspectors of its department Dmitry Rosljakov and Natalia Prokopyev in connection with carrying out of inadequate checks by them in club are accused of a negligence.

to Igor and Sergey Derbenyov, applied in club, on versions of the investigation, pyrotechnics, accusation in infringement of rules of use of the pyrotechnic products, entailed on imprudence causing of heavy harm is brought to health and  destruction of people.

On Wednesday 2 in Leninsk district court under the chairmanship of Dmitry Egorov process on business of the co-owner of club Konstantin Mryhina which disappeared earlier in Spain has begun. Under the version of the investigation, Mryhin, operating together with other proprietors and club management, has organised celebratory action during which time in infringement of fire prevention rules in club fireworks have been arranged.

It is accused of commission of crime as regards 3 articles 238 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (rendering of the services which are not meeting the requirements of security of life and health of consumers, made by the organised group and the causing which has entailed on imprudence of heavy harm to health and death of two and more persons). The maximum punishment under this article - till ten years of imprisonment.