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the First " green " roofs can appear in Moscow by the end of summer

Moscow, 18 apr - News. the Authorities of Moscow plan to realise till the end of summer the pilot project on gardening of roofs three - five capital buildings, the head of capital department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment Anton Kulbachevsky has informed News on Wednesday.

the Idea of gardening of roofs of buildings in capital is discussed not the first year as in a city of possibility 4 new green plantings are limited. In 2011 the department of wildlife management and preservation of the environment of Moscow within the limits of competition on the best project of a complex accomplishment of the natural and planted trees and shrubs territories of capital has awarded the award, in particular, to students of the Moscow state university of wood for the project " Gardening of a roof of a residential building in the conditions of a city ".

" It is gradual process. I think that we will not plant trees and shrubs in all at once, and we will find now three - five objects which we realise. We hope that till the end of summer the first projects will be finished " - has declared Kulbachevsky.

He has noticed that roofs of the buildings which are in city property, is planned to plant trees and shrubs at the expense of the capital budget.

Thus, according to the official, about 80 % of roofs in city centre have the sloping form that complicates gardening process.

" I Think, we will find in the CTR about such 20 buildings which we will plant trees and shrubs " - the head of department has explained.