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In Adygea the largest is withdrawn in the history of region heroin party

Maikop, 18 apr - News, Valery Vrubel. Employees of drug enforcement across Krasnodar territory and Adygea during a search in one of settlement court yard New have withdrawn more than heroin kg that approximately makes 15 - 20 thousand single doses, the chief of department on Republic Adygea Ruslan Meretukov has informed News of the deputy chief of investigatory service FSKN of Krasnodar territory.

" For all time of existence of service across Adygea, we yet did not withdraw such large parties. In the black market party cost would make more than 2 million roubles " - Meretukov has explained.

Before narcopolicemen have detained in territory of Tahtamukajsky area of the inhabitant of Uzbekistan which at themselves had 15 grammes of heroin. After criminal case excitation it was found out that the woman of a Gipsy nationality can be involved in drug distribution. Employees of drug enforcement have come 2 the suspect W a search. Of 1,129 kgs have found heroin in weight in tea bank and a package dug in a backyard.

Under the preliminary version, citizens of Tajikistan are involved in deliveries. To sell heroin, under the version of field investigators, drug dealers counted in the next Krasnodar. At least one fact of sale is already fixed.

" Worked under the scheme of bookmarks and contactless sale. Money was listed through payment terminals on payment cards and then drugs were put in a secret place about what it was phoned to drug consumers " - Meretukov has explained.

the Arrested person brings accusation on point " g " parts of 1 article 30 and a part of 3 articles 228. 1 criminal codes of Russian Federation (preparation for sale of narcotics, psychotropic substances or their analogues in especially large size). Now channels of receipt of a drug on territory of Adygea are established.