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Two policemen of Voronezh are dismissed for neokazanie to the man

Voronezh, 19 apr - News, Alexey Andreev. Two Voronezh policemen are dismissed for neokazanie to the man who has died on Wednesday in a police strong point, informs on Thursday GUMVD across the Voronezh region.

Incident has occurred in Railway area of Voronezh. Nearby 14. 30 on Wednesday in department of police of ╣1 managements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a city the MSG has arrived that the man W/ O consciousness lies about the house located to the ADDY: street Georgian, 1.

" the police officers who have Left on a scene have not rendered it first aid, in due time have not called a brigade " fast " " - it is SPK in MSG GUMVD.

Instead policemen have brought to the man in a strong point of police ╣12 where that has died.

Management GUMVD on region has dismissed both policemen. There is begun office check for which time the chief of department of police ╣1 UMVD across Voronezh is discharged of WRK. Mately investigations are passed in regional government of Investigatory committee.

It already the second scandal connected with the Voronezh policemen, from the beginning of week. On Monday it became known ABT beating of the employee of one of the private security enterprises in department of police ╣5 UMVD across Voronezh.

According to the investigation, policemen tried " to beat out " from the man grateful indications in commission of crime. Criminal case ABT excess of powers of office W violence application is now brought. The sanction of corresponding article of the Criminal code provides punishment in the form of imprisonment within ten years.