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Business ABT murder is raised in connection with loss of two girls in Ural Mountains

Ekaterinburg, 19 apr - News. Inspectors have brought action under article " murder " in connection with loss on Wednesday of two 8 - summer girls in a city of Half-Evsky Sverdlovsk area, are informed on Thursday by a press - service of regional investigatory management SKR.

According to department, on the night of Thursday mothers of girls were converted into police W the statement for their disappearance. The schoolmates living in the next houses along the street Volodarsky, left to walk in a court yard in the afternoon on Wednesday. At them was not W itself neither money, nor cellular telephones. Last time, according to inspectors, girls C nearby 18. 00 (16. 00 Moscow time) environments.

" Under the data available now, actions for search of two gone girls have not resulted in positive result. In this connection, 4 an establishment of all circumstances of disappearance of girls an investigatory way was prijato the decision on criminal case excitation " - it is SPK in a MSG.

Business is raised on points " and " " in " parts of 2 articles 105 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (murder of two juvenile persons) which provides lifelong imprisonment.

the local police staff is focused On search of girls, taxi drivers. Inspectors interrogate parents of girls, their schoolmates, teachers and other persons.