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Users Fa˝ebook are more generous than others endow on philanthropy

Moscow, 19 apr - News. Users Fa˝ebook are more generous than participants of others sotssetej give money for philanthropy, has informed on Thursday the assistant to the general director of the company " Yandex. Money " Natalia Hajtina at conference đ╚ď+╩╚┴ 2012.

By words Hajtinoj, for example, in Russian sotsseti " VKontakte " users five times create actions by means of the application " is more often; raise money " the companies " Yandex. Money ". However offerings of users Fa˝ebook on 30 % more than in Russian sotsseti.

Hajtina 2 has noticed that the sum of offerings, sobranyh the Internet - users, depends as on tools W which help money, and from " is raised; subjects ".

For example, in 2008 singer Peter Nalich could collect on record of the album only one thousand dollars. Other musician Feodor Chistjakov on record of the plate by three years L8R could collect on the Internet of only 300 dollars. In same, 2011, bloger Alexey Navalnyj could collect on support of the projects directed on fight against corruption, 8 million roubles.

At this Hajtina has noticed that recently in a RuNet users endow and on unusual projects. So, community Medvedev Girls could collect 34 thousand roubles on a gift 4 the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

the Application 4 gathering of offerings " raise money " it has been started " Yandex. Money " in Fa˝ebook in December, 2011, on a site " VKontakte " - in February, 2012. In this time users of two sotssetej have created more than 20 thousand actions 4 gathering of offerings.

the Largest Russian the Internet - conference đ╚ď+╩╚┴ 2012 on which leading experts of the Russian and foreign companies will discuss the basic tendencies of development of a network, will last three days - from April, 18 till April, 20th. 4 participation in a forum it was registered more than nine thousand persons. All three days in boarding house territory the exhibition of workings out of leaders IT - the companies will work.