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VTB will place releases of eurobonds on $100 million and $300 million

Vneshtorgbank plans to place till the end of the year two releases of eurobonds on $100 million and $300 million, head VTB Andrey Kostin has informed on Tuesday to journalists.

" I Hope till the end of the year these loans to carry out " - Kostin has told.

It has explained that eurobonds on $100 million sekjuritizirovany will be provided) by mortgage loans of Vneshtorgbanka. According to Kostin, by transfer of mortgage business to Vneshtorgbank - 24 the decision not to pass already given out credits was accepted, and to spend them sekjuritizatsiju.

Bonds on $300 million, were continued by Kostin, will be sekjuritizirovany client streams.

Head VTB has noticed that payments under bonds will be guaranteed by the international insurance companies that will allow to lower rates essentially.

At the same time, he has added that 4 placing of these bonds it is necessary still " to solve a question with Central Bank instructions ". If these problems are solved, that, according to Kostin, release sekjuritizirovannyh bonds on $300 million will be only " a feeler " and the program total amount can make B4$2 billion.