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the Funeral service for Alexander Gomelsky will pass on August, 18th in USK CSKA

the Farewell funeral service for the president of basketball club of CSKA Alexander Gomelsky, most likely, will pass on Thursday on August, 18th in the Universal sports complex of CSKA. ABT it " News " have informed in army club.

Gomel has died on Tuesday after a serious illness, and it has called the present shock among fans is red - dark blue. On sites of admirers of CSKA on the Internet all the today long their visitors leave only MSG W points, as a sign of trouble B4 great Soviet - the Russian basketball player and the trainer. Sometimes visitors of sites shortly add: " Thanks for all " " the Epoch has left " " the PA... ". " this morning there was no Alexander Jakovlevicha Gomelsky. It is difficult to pick up any words. It is difficult to estimate this loss. It was the present Person. A symbol of our basketball. One of CSKA symbols. Patrh. The PA... " - it is SPK in the obituary published by army fans on the Internet.