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Passengers Cyprian " the Boeing " were live at a crash of airplane

Passengers broken Cyprian " the Boeing " were live at a crash of airplane and have died from traumas.

As has informed on Tuesday the Greek state television, 2 such conclusion the command of forensic scientists after research of 20 bodies of victims in accident has come.

" People were live at the moment of a crash of airplane. Opening has shown that heart and blood circulation system worked for victims. Traumas " were a cause of death; - one of forensic scientists of Nikos Kalogs has informed journalists.

Earlier it was informed that passengers and crew " the Boeing " could be lost from - for salon depressurizations. The given examinations contradict this version as the person can live in depressurization conditions at the big height of all some minutes, and the plane did not submit signs of life during tens minutes until as ran into the earth.

In accident of the plane of the Cyprian airline " Gelios " on Sunday 115 passengers and six crewmen were lost.