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the Head of committee of Council of Federation considers leaving of Israel from Gaza Strip as important step

Leaving of Israel from Gaza Strip is one of the major steps on a way 2 peaceful co-existence of the Israeli and Palestinian people, has declared on Tuesday " News " the head of committee of the Federation Council of the international affairs Michael Margelov.

" It is not necessary to consider this step as result of victory of the terrorist organisations of type " Hezbollah " as they inton it, I consider leaving from Gaza Strip as exclusively result of political will of leaders of Israel and Palestinian autonomy " - he has told.

In this situation, Margelov, the main thing has noted - to be defined W the correct approach 2 a problem of transfer of the earths to Palestinians. The step 2 the world, according to the senator, should not be conceived by a concession as it try to present 2DAY a number of influential movements in Palestinian autonomy. " W such approach all process of peaceful settlement of the conflict once again will be at a deadlock " - the chairman of committee has declared.

Thus Margelov has noticed that the burst Intraisraeli opposition connected with resettlement from Gaza Strip, was quite predicted. " it is obvious that if Israel will dare at leaving and from other disputable territories, this opposition will develop only on accruing " - Margelov does not exclude. In this respect to all israelite people, he believes, it is necessary to be defined definitively W a choice: or " to continue eternal survival war " or to follow the plan " a road map ".