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In Lithuania the self-made plane has broken; the pilot was lost

In Prenajsky area of Lithuania plane LY - XAJ a self-made design together with 56 - summer pilot Algimantasom Zheruolisom has broken. News radio station Ziniu has informed On it radijas.

the Plane as it is informed, has failed on Monday evening from height 20 - 30 metres right after soar from airdrome Potsjunaj in Prenajsky area of Lithuania and has broken.

According to the director of sports airclub of the Kaunas district Pjatrasa Bety, blow was so strong that the pilot has died instantly.

As representatives prenajskogo komissata have informed polices, in connection with misfortune there is begun investigation.

At Algimantasa Zheruolisa was 10 - the summer flight experience. It was known as the stuntman. Landing in a body of the moving truck was one of favourite tricks of the lost pilot.

Six years ago Zheruolis has already suffered accident by the same plane. Having recovered, it has repaired and has improved the car.