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Putin excludes possibility of shifts in the government

Vladimir Putin excludes possibility of shifts in the government of the Russian Federation.

" From this leapfrog personnel changes for the better nothing. It is necessary to work W those people who to eat, force them to work, learn to work and give the chance to work " " - the president has told, answering a question of journalists, a leah any shifts in the government are possible in the near future.

" There are cases when the person does not consult or does not want, or is engaged at all in that. In this case it is necessary to make the corresponding decision " - the president has told.

He has underlined that " such decisions are accepted, but W/ O vanity, and then on them especially ATTN do not convert ".

" I want remind - problems which now has eks - the head of Ministry of Atomic Energy of Adams, after all it has been dismissed in due time and W/ O a special explanation of the reasons, and W/ O noise. There are also other examples " - Putin has told.

" Vanities (in personnel questions) I, being the president, did not suppose five years and henceforth do not intend to suppose. Any sensations will not be, do not count " - the head of the state has declared.

in Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Putin has responded To a question on the conflict: " I Hope, they will understand. They people adults, not the silly. They will have enough common sense to solve these problems ".

" I on what do not hint thus. They not silly people also should understand it " - the president of the Russian Federation has told.