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the Russian Federation does not exclude application of economic sanctions against Latvia

the High-ranking source in the Kremlin does not exclude possibility of application of economic sanctions against Latvia, but considers it as an extreme measure.

answering questions of journalists on possibility of application of economic sanctions 2 Latvia 4 protection of interests of the Russian-speaking population in this country, the interlocutor has told: " We should protect interests of our compatriots in an every spot on the globe ".

SPK about the Russian-speaking population in Latvia, the source has underlined that " these people were not citizens of Russia and we there observe elements of absolutely inadmissible restriction of the rights and freedom to an ethnic sign that is even worse ".

" I do not exclude that if we will not find decisions not only W Latvia, but also W other countries, we can use such tools (economic sanctions), but it too an extreme measure, we should achieve the decision of all problems diplomatic and political means, including, leaning against base of support in other countries of Europe " - the source has told.

He has underlined that " would be 2 unsuccessful and harmful to our country if we have started to threaten and swing to someone every which way the army and fleet as madwomen - the razor. These questions need to be solved other means - economic and political ".

" to Forbid this or that product it is possible, but more often it has negative consequences 4 itself. That these means to apply, it is necessary to think is Gud " - the source has told.