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Members " orehovsko - medvedkovskoj " groupings have RCVed from 4 till 24 years

2 terms from four till 24 years of imprisonment all are sentenced accused on business " orehovsko - medvedkovskoj " criminal grouping.

As the correspondent " passes; News " from a court hall, 10 participants " orehovsko - medvedkovskoj " groupings are sentenced to punishment from 8,5 till 24 years of imprisonment. On a sentence of court they should serve time in a high security colony.

One more defendant - the Tolstikov - will serve time in the form of four years of imprisonment, 2 in a high security colony.

Participants OPG the Tolstikov and Phillips who were under a subscription ABT nevyezde, are detained in a court hall.

Earlier the public prosecutor asked to appoint it a conditional measure of punishment W educational term equal to five years.

After announcement of terms of punishment to defendant Filippovu it became bad, he has fainted.

the Court passed W participation of jurymen. The board of jurymen has considered 11 defendants guilty all. Including they are recognised by guilty of Alexander Solonika`s murder and more 14 persons, in creation of criminal grouping, forging of documents, attempts at murders.

Jurymen have expressed opinion that on overwhelming majority of episodes defendants do not merit indulgence. The board has responded to the majority of questions unanimously.

Earlier the head of department on investigation of gangsterism and murders of Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow Grigory Shinakov has informed that to 11 defendants 14 episodes of premeditated murders in which result 18 persons, including known criminal " were lost are charged; authority " Alexander Solonik, and also creation of criminal community, gangsterism and a number vymogatelstv.

Seven defendants recognised fault. After announcement of the bill of particulars defendants Pustovalov and Fungi completely recognised the fault on all episodes incriminated to it. Five more figurants of business recognised the fault partially.

Oleg Pylev as whom the consequence considers as one of leaders of criminal grouping, and more three defendants have completely rejected the accusations brought to its.

As Shinakov, so-called " has reminded; orehovsko - medvedkovskaja " the criminal grouping has been created in Moscow in the beginning 1990 - h years. Subsequently the grouping has broken up on two parts: " orehovskuju " and " medvedkovskuju ".

At punishment purpose, as appears from a sentence, the court has considered public danger made by members of group of acts, and also the person of ANY1 of them. In a sentence it is noticed that court " considers " that defendants can bear punishment ".

" In court behave adequately. Responsibility of defendants does not call doubts " - the presiding judge has declared.

As appears from a sentence of court, wine it is recognised by the proved board of jurymen. All participants of group have made a number of attacks on citizens a part from which life have lost, the judge has added.

In an organised criminal group there was a rigid hierarchy. " rank-and-file members of group submitted to the heads. For the committed crimes it compensations " stood out; - it is SPK in a sentence.

the Court has satisfied claim requirements at a rate of one million 200 thousand roubles from three victims.

the Sentence will come into force after 10 - day term if thus the party of protection does not submit appeals on a verdict of guilty.