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Putin has given an appreciation to results of doctrines of aircraft and fleet

the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has given an appreciation to results of doctrines of distant aircraft and Northern fleet.

In conversation with journalists the president has noticed that participants of doctrines have Gud carried out of a problem W application of various forces and means.

" It is felt, skills grow, are restored " - Putin has told.

" For certain all remember unsuccessful start-up last year. It has been about it given to make the commission investigation and to understand. Now defects are corrected " - the president has told.

During doctrines high battle readiness of forces of nuclear restraint of sea and air basing has been shown, Putin has noted. He 2 has underlined that yesterday has been tested new winged rockets. " at us such was not, now it will appear on arms " - he has told.

During returning of a leader of Northern fleet " Peter the Great " on base Vladimir Putin on a public address system was converted 2 ship crew, has congratulated on Gud result shown on doctrines and has thanked for service.

Vladimir Putin 2 was photographed W crew " Peter the Great ".