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the State Duma will consider amendments to the legislation, directed on corporate governance perfection

In the beginning of 2005 in the State Duma the project of amendments will be brought in the acts, directed on corporate governance perfection to Russia. It on Thursday to journalists was declared by the chairman of profile committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Victor Pleskachevsky.

According to the head of the Duma committee of the property, amendments will be introduced in the law " ABT joint-stock companies " also will concern " counteractions to unfriendly captures and absorbings, and also improvements of an order of conducting registers ".

the Deputy 2 has informed that changes will be brought and in Criminally - remedial and Arbitration remedial codes. Changes will concern an order of interaction of registry holders W investigation agencies bodies.

" Now this question in the legislation is settled insufficiently, and the offered bill will be directed on formalisation of the given relations " - has told Plskachevsky.