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On MKS deliver products, a racetrack and the robot

the Space truck " M Progress - 51 " W products 4 crew MKS of Salizhana Sharipov and Leroja Chiao, and also a new Russian racetrack and the German robot " Ro˝kviss " starts from Baikonur on December, 24th in 1. 20 Moscow time. ABT it " News " the representative of Russian Space Department has informed.

as he said, the robot - the manipulator " Ro˝kviss " called to save expenses also will facilitate crew work it is established in the end of January of the next year on external surface MKS where should prove the suitability 2 WRK in the conditions of a free space.

2 start " M Progress - 51 " special attention of mass-media from - for appeared information on ostensibly existing problems W a food of crew MKS is chained. In some MSG referring to not named representatives Russian TSUP it was SPK and about the evacuation ostensibly planned for December, 30th of Salizhana Sharipov and Leroja Chiao from station.

" the Russian Command control centre flights does not plan to evacuate crew W MKS " - has informed " News " official representative TSUP Valery Lyndin, making comments on MSG of mass-media that foodstuff at station ostensibly remains only about New year. " now on MKS preparation for reception of the space truck which, including, delivers to station fresh and sublimirovannye products, water and New Year`s parcels " has already ended; - Lyndin has specified.

W an arrival " Progress " pantries MKS, besides products, will replenish with means of fire-prevention protection, and also the medical equipment, fresh linen and means of personal hygiene of cosmonauts. Besides, the ship delivers to station a stock of fuel 4 orientation engines, drinking both technical water and the scientific equipment.