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the Cash euro in Lithuania can be entered on January, 1st, 2007

Euro can replace the Lithuanian national currency (lighted) on January, 1st, 2007. As the chairman of the board of Bank of Lithuania has informed in interview to the Lithuanian radio Rejnoldijus Sharkinas, this decision has accepted Bank board on Thursday.

as he said, " if all is successful and all decisions not dependent on us, that will be made, I consider that on January, 1st, 2007 would be most suitable date " 4 euro introduction. But the final decision ABT euro introduction will be accepted the European Union management, has specified Sharkinas.

it is supposed that the exchange of lits for euro will be made at a today`s course - 3,45 lits for 1 euro.

the national Lithuanian currency has been started up in a turn in July, 1993. In 1994 it has been adhered to US dollar at the rate of $1 for 4 lits. Now one dollar exchanges approximately for 2,6 lits.

The Chairman of the board of Bank of Lithuania has declared that introduction of euro will not bring a damage to consumers. In its opinion, the prices for the goods and services should not raise.

on averse the Lithuanian eurocoins the stylised arms of the country Vitis (the horseman W a sword over a head) will be represented. According to Sharkinasa, process of manufacturing of the Lithuanian euros will begin summer of 2006.

on the eve of introduction in Lithuania of euro ANY1 adult inhabitant of the country will receive as a gift on the calculator. In total it is planned to extend about 2,5 million calculators W which help to Lithuanians it will be more EZ to recalculate the prices from lits in euro and on the contrary.