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Gryzlov: the situation in Ukraine will be on the verge of balancing

the Speaker of the State Duma Boris Gryzlov predicts the minimum rupture between candidates on revoting of the second tour laying ahead on December, 26th presidential election in Ukraine.

" rupture between candidates will be minimum, the situation, most likely will be on the verge of balancing as it was on November, 21st " - Gryzlov to journalists has told, having referred to the data of sociological researches.

SPK about possible exod of elections in Ukraine, the chairman of the State Duma has voiced a wish that " it would be desirable, that the situation remained in a legal field, and was not accepted decisions, proceeding from political expediency ".

Thus Gryzlov has spoken against change of the legislation during elective process. " it is not necessary to change laws during elections " - he has told.

Gryzlov has informed that on elections on December, 26th the State Duma directs delegation of observers as a part of 39 deputies. " this big enough representation " - the chairman of the State Duma has told.