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In Finland Christmas commemorating

In Finland on Friday begins Christmas commemorating begins.

2 a feast begin prepares for four weeks, from first day of Christmas fast. This year this day - advent - has had for November, 28th.

by tradition in Finland him have met church services, carols and ignition of the first of four Christmas candles. According to tradition which has come to Finland from Sweden in 1930 - h years, in ANY1 of four Sundays B4 Christmas on houses light on one candle, and last Sunday B4 a feast all four candles should burn 2GETHR.

Besides, from the beginning of 20 centuries all public organisations and firms in Finland traditionally suit Christmas PRTs " Pikkujoulu " or " Small Christmas " W music and an entertainment. In the Russian embassy in Helsinki " Pikkujoulu " have celebrated on December, 15th.

Expectation of Finnish Christmas is also an indispensable campaign on shops behind gifts. As this feast always was first of all family and it was marked in a narrow circle of the family gave on it cosy and very personal things - knitted socks, varezhki, warm linen. The tradition was saved and now, however the assortment of gifts has essentially extended.

for Christmas Finns send more than 50 million cards to the relatives, friends and fellow workers. The president of Finland Tarja Halonen this year has received as a gift from various cities and the organisations a fur-tree, a gammon and fish 2 a Christmas table.

the culmination of Finnish Christmas is Christmas Eve - day on the eve of Christmas. This day ANY1 family gathers. Since morning do last holiday purchases, and it is equal at midday in Turku appears traditional " the Christmas world ". This custom originates in the Middle Ages and for all time of existence of Finland interrupted only two times during wars. For a while " the Christmas world the traffic stops, shops do not work, EVN hunting is forbidden, CUZ the world should come and in wood.

announcement ceremony " the Christmas world " it is broadcast on television and it is considered official " the beginning " Christmases. People sit down a table and start to try a Christmas entertainment. The main course - a gammon, 2 it moves carrot, brjukvennaja, potato and other kinds of baked puddings, a green peas, a cowberry, a cranberry. On sweet - rolls from flaky pastry with plam jam and cookies W tea or coffee.

family evening go to church on Christmas service which usually begins at 17 o`clock, on tombs native and friends light candles.

2NITE after returning from church children W impatience expect occurrence of Joulupukki - the Finnish Father Frost W gifts. However to RCV a gift not so - that is simple, it is necessary, in - the first, a good news of all year, and in - the second, to sing 4 Father Frost a song or to tell a poem. Knowingly Father Frost went from the Lapland where he lives on a grief of Korvatunturi since 1927 when the Finnish broadcasting company declared Korvatunturi constant residence Joulupukki.

Day of Christmas passes in Finland silently and easy. People this day leave the house only in church. But from next day campaigns on a visit begin, and here it is necessary to be very attentive that nobody to 4get and not to offend.