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the Russian Orthodox Church will celebrate 625 - letie Kulikovsky fight and 300 - letie Christian mission on Kamchatka

the Russian Orthodox Church (Russian Orthodox Church) will organise commemorating 625 - letija Kulikovsky fight from July, 18th till October, 8th, 2005.

such decision the Sacred Synod of Russian Orthodox Church on Friday in Moscow according to the statement of Patrha Moscow and vseja Russia has accepted Alex II ABT necessity of commemorating of this anniversary.

the synod has confirmed the project of the program of the celebratory actions, prepared " Organizing committee on preparation of commemorating 625 - letija Kulikovsky battle " under the chairmanship of operating affairs of Moscow Patrhii - a metropolitan of Kaluga and Bohr Klimenta.

the Synod 2 has decided to spend from January till October, 2005 obshchetserkovnye the celebrations devoted 300 - letiju orthodoxies on Kamchatka. The commission founded by the Synod under the chairmanship of metropolitan Klimenta included five more bishops of Russian Orthodox Church.

Kamchatka has been attached to Russia in the end of a XVII-th century. In 1705 on blessing of a metropolitan of Tobolsk Filofeja on peninsula prebyla the first group of missionaries led by archimandrite Martinianom.

In 1742 business of orthodox mission was continued arrived on blessing of the Most holy Synod from the Moscow Spiritual Academy by archimandrite Ioasaf (Hotuntsevsky). It has opened schools 4 training to Russian and belief bases, has spent population census (according to its calculations, the population of Kamchatka made then 11 thousand 500 persons), baptised more than 4,5 thousand persons.

the greatest dawn missionary activity has reached at prelate Innokentii (Veniaminove) - the first diocesan Kamchatka, Aleutian and Kuril - the outstanding missionary, the educator and the man of faith of XIX century.

The Considerable contribution to development of orthodox mission on Kamchatka was brought by diocesan Nestor (Anisimov) initiating establishment in 1916 by the Sacred Synod of Russian Orthodox Church of the Peter and Paul and Kamchatka archdiocese.

the new stage of formation of church life in the Peter and Paul and Kamchatka archdiocese has come W purpose by the ruling bishop of a diocesan of Ignatius (pologrudova).