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in Vatican commemorating of roman catholic Christmas

Under a ringing of bells of the main temple - St. Peter`s Cathedral in Vatican - more than billion the roman catholics occupying a planet has begun the High mass, have begun Christmas commemorating.

the traditional Christmas mass which was served at midnight since Friday on Saturday in the presence of 30 cardinals and thousand guests of honour by head Rimsko - a latin church the PA John Pavel II, passed in several languages.

after the announcement of a birth of the Christ the PA has sung traditional hymn Gloria in ex˝elsis Deo, and 12 children from Italy, Korea, Congo, Poland and Australia have symbolically presented to the newborn Christ flowers.

a mass two choruses - Vatican and specially arrived W John Pavel II native land accompanied chorus from Poland.

" the name of a city of Bethlehem where, according to the Hagiographa, the Christ was born, in a biblical Hebrew means " the bread house " - has told the PA in the beginning of the prayer. - Therefore the Messiah who has told about itself " there should be born; I - life bread ".

27 - ju a Christmas prayer as head of a latin church John Pavel II has finished The an appeal: " Remember us, the eternal Son God`s, embodied in blameless Maria`s belly! All mankind noted stolkimi by tests and difficulties, needs you. Remain W us, the live bread which has gone down from heavens for the sake of our rescue! Remain W us always ".

This appeal was carried not only under the arches of the overflowed cathedral. Direct television translation of a Christmas mass on 72 countries conducted from a cathedral of 114 Italian and foreign broadcasting companies.

the direct transmission went not only on television. In particular, the Italian company of cellular communication of third generation has suggested a half-million of the subscribers to C and hear a Christmas mass on a mobile videotelephone in a NE point of the country.

Signalmen declared that money which should be paid for this service to ANY1 subscriber, will be passed to the papal civil-engineering design in Rome 50 new roman catholic temples and in organised by John Pavel II on the eve of Christmas the international fund of struggle against AIDS " the Kind Samaritan ".

Though 4 the majority of modern Italians as polls bear, Christmas saves not so much religious, how much symbolical value, they remain are correct to traditions. The same polls spent by sociologists in December, show that Christmas midnight will meet in a temple almost five millions inhabitants of Italy, and not less than 10 million will visit a day mass on December, 25th.

" Easter - W whom you want, Christmas - with the " the Italian proverb says. Really, Christmas meet here usually in the bosom of the family or W close friends. And 4 this feast EVN the most deprived open purses. By calculations all those sociologists and statisticans, the Italian family this year on the average will lay out 550 euros on Christmas gifts and an entertainment. Behind a festive table will be drunk 77 million bottles of wine and champagne.

family character of Christmas is CFMed also by such curious fact. In a century of total correspondence by a cellular telephone by means of SMS, on the eve of this feast Italians still remember pen and paper existence. Mail of Italy declared that from December, 1 till December, 22nd has dispatched almost 40 million letters and greeting cards - on 30 % more than last year. Peak became on December, 21st when for a day it has been sent almost three million congratulations.