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the Senior trainer of modular Estonia on football considers a forthcoming duel W Russians as dress rehearsal B4 European championship elimination matches

the Trainer of modular Estonia on football the Dutch of Arno Pajpers considers appointed to Wednesday, on March, 27th, a companionable duel from the Russian national team as dress rehearsal B4 official elimination matches of the European superiority.

as the Dutch trainer of Estonians of Arno Pajpers has told, it will be very hard duel W the command which in two MTH will act in a final part of a world championship in Japan and in which numbers many football players ekstraklassa act.

Nevertheless, according to Pajpersa who protected in due time colours of such popular Dutch clubs, as " Fejnoord " and " Sparta " its command will fight and will try to show all better qualities.

According to the trainer of Estonian national team, special problems W structure in its command it is not expected. Behind an exception for a long time the injured goalkeeper from English " Derby " Martin Pooma, all other players are healthy, traumas at anybody are not present.

As has told " News " the trainer of goalkeepers of the Estonian national team, the known goalkeeper in the past Kaunas " Zhalgiris " and Kiev " the Dynamo " Valdas Martinkenas, it is not clear yet who from two goalkeepers Martin Kalma or Sergey Porejko will act on Wednesday in a match against Russians.

according to Martinkenasa, all players of Estonian national team are adjusted very resolutely and are going to give battle of the Russian national team. It will be the first official match between Russian national teams and Estonia in a modern football history.

according to the representative of Estonian football association, on a match it is sold more than 5 tys tickets. Stadium on which there will pass a MTG, under the name " Le the Cook - arena " Contains 9 tys spectators. According to the representative of Estonian football association, the Gud weather established in Tallinn allows to count on the notice at a MTG Russia - Estonia.