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In Israel clean from bookshops of the book of the Nobel winner, dared to criticise action of israelites in the Palestinian territories

. In Israel from show-windows and shelves of bookshops have cleaned books of the Nobel prize winner under the literature of the Portuguese writer Jose Saramago, and on television have cancelled the planned big interview to it.

As the correspondent " passes; News " referring to the Spanish press, Saramago was till yesterday one of the most popular foreign authors in Israel. Its last novel " All people " headed the list of the books most sold in Israel.

the reason of spontaneous boycott concerning the Nobel winner - its statement after a trip across Palestin. The writer, in particular, has told that actions of israelites in the Palestinian territories " have reminded it behaviour of Hitlerites concerning Jews in a concentration camp of Aushvits ".

These words of Saramago have called rough negative reaction in Israel. With the special communique the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has accused the Nobel winner has about it acted EVN that, having put on the same level Hitlerites and israelites, it " became a victim of cheap Palestinian propagation ". In the answer the Nobel winner has declared that it unlike many other things " fortunately, did not become a victim of expensive and is Gud paid Israeli propagation ".

the Writer has underlined 2 that " completely is responsible for the words " and " knew, they will call what reaction ". But presently, he has noted, " to be heard, it is necessary to name some things the names even if it will not be pleasant to someone ".