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the Italian concern " Martsotto " buys Fashion house " Valentino "

soon Italian Fashion house " Valentino " will work together with known " Hjugo the BOS " have informed " News " in the Viennese branch of the company. At the Italian financial holding " Hdp " which was engaged in the device of affairs of the house " earlier; Valentino " it is redeemed by concern " Martsotto " for 353 mlr euro.

the vice-president " Martsotto " Antonio Favrin hopes that appeared on the verge of bankruptcy " Valentino " by 2004 will improve the financial position, being in group structure " Martsotto ".

According to Favrina, " Valentino " it is EZ integrated into activity " Martsotto ".

From its part Fashion house " Valentino " 2 it is happy with the current situation permission. 4 the Fashion house management that fact is important that the firm remains Italian and in the future will adhere to the traditions.