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Alexey Kudrin considers that the State Customs Committee and the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection completely will carry out the budgetary task for the first quarter of current year

Is " all bases to believe that the State customs committee and the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection completely will cope with the budgetary task for 1 quarter of current year ". ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " has declared to journalists vitse - the prime minister of the government Alexey Kudrin.

as he said, already now it is possible to tell that the State customs committee// has reached the State Customs Committee " real success " in performance of the budgetary task also has executed all plan put for first three MTH of this year.

as has noticed vitse - the prime minister that the task 1 - go has been executed quarter, in spite of the fact that it was " it is planned under the optimistic forecast "/ proceeding from the prices for oil 23,5 dollars for barrel, the real price on the average 18,6 dollars for barrel/. First of all, according to Kudrin, thanks to that all measures on a stop " have been involved; grey import " also administration is considerably improved.

as to the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection/ the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection/ there 2 it is possible " with confidence to SPK about performance of the plan for 1 quarter " that became possible first of all at the expense of increase more than on 20 mlrd roubles of gathering under the Uniform social tax, has told vitse - the prime minister. This figure with interest covers a shortage under other taxes which will presumably make nearby 10 mlrd roubles.

in this department successful task performance the same as and in the State Customs Committee, it is connected with considerable improvement of administration.

Kudrin has noticed that the task on 2 - j 4 these two ministries// has been decided to specify quarter the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection and the State Customs Committee. Thus, the plan of the budgetary task of the State Customs Committee is lowered on 10 mlrd roubles, and the plan of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection - on 7 mlrd taking into account all calculations. Nevertheless, has underlined vitse - the prime minister, it - " intense enough task ".

answering a question of journalists on possible sources of completion of this sum in the budget, Kudrin has not excluded that " partially compensate this decrease in the plan other ministries " can;. In particular, the government expects big, than usually, receipts in the budget from the Ministry of Property and from fish auctions. " probably, these sources will give to us on some billions roubles of incomes more than usually " - has told vitse - the prime minister.

" thus, execution of incomes 1 - go will allow the Ministry of Finance to carry out quarter all problems on financing according to a budgetary list 1 - go of quarter " - Kudrin has concluded.

" we expect confident proficiency of the budget 1 - go quarter, - has noticed vitse - the prime minister, having added thus that results of first three MTH 2002 will allow to SPK that " We successfully execute the budget ".