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Ramallah, and also Gaza Strip, representatives of some foreign organisations

According to the informal information RCVed " start to leave; News " from the Palestinian sources, the city of Ramallah, and also Gaza Strip, representatives of some foreign organisations, in the basic any humanitarian missions start to leave.

though in most cases driving off underline that their decision is not called by safety issues in connection with a becoming aggravated situation and the more so any instructions RCVed from a management, and speaks simply pressing forward " to go where - nibud to have a rest for the weekend ".

Palestinians in Ramallahe and Gaza, according to the arriving information, at the moment spend any evacuation of establishments. Staffs of the Palestinian police and security services were left by all personnel. The population of the Palestinian cities is now reserved by products and articles of prime necessity, obviously preparing for a possible long Israeli siege.

It is informed 2 that Yasser Arafat has ostensibly declared to confidants that is afraid for the life and that the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon can give the order to finish W it physically.

on the night of Thursday the extraordinary session of the higher ranks of the Israeli army and representatives of security services which was spent by Minister of Defence Benjamin Ben - Eliejzer has taken place. On the agenda there was one question - what will be the answer of israelites to the bloody act of terrorism which was taking place 2NITE on Wednesday in hostel of the city of Netanija, approximately in 30 km to the north of Tel - Abib. As a result of explosion of a bomb of the suicide bomber of 20 israelites were lost and more than hundred have got wounds of various severity level.

The Adviser of premieres - the minister of Israel Raanan Gisin has specified on Thursday that new attack to israelites demands from the country leaders of revision of the chosen political line. Here the policy of restraint and not reaction on tarakty which israelites adhered last two weeks, as as it was specified first of all means, they wanted to give chance 4 success of mission of the representative of the USA in the Near East the retired general Anthony Zinni. Nevertheless, apparently, despite all reasonable efforts, the general and did not manage to achieve the arrangement on cease-fire between the parties.

" Palestinians have firmly chosen a terror way, - Gisin has underlined, - therefore we are urged to undertake retaliatory measures ".