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the Known sportswoman in Japan in races on motor boats asks to consider as its man

. The professional sportswoman known in Japan in races on motor boats asks to consider as its man.

as the correspondent " passes; News " on taken place on Thursday a press - conferences 39 - summer Tinatsu Ando declared that has put in the corresponding statement in national Association on races on motor boats.

Ando asks to specify henceforth in all documents of association its floor as man`s. She 2 has applied ABT entering of the amendment into her name - instead of female " Tinatsu " to write down everywhere a man`s name " Tajsio ". Under such name of Ando intend to act henceforth at all competitions.

underlining the beginning of life new to it, Ando was on a press - conference in a man`s suit, in a white shirt and a tie and W a short man`s hairdress.

" I have made the decision that should act at competitions as the man, and I will achieve it " - the sportswoman has told. She has informed that " now accepts man`s hormones and recently has RCVed the consent of doctors to carrying out shortly operations on floor change ".