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In republican court of Crimea repeated consideration of the appeal complaint of the head of parliament of Crimea Leonid Gracha

In republican court of Crimea on Friday, on March, 29th on March, 29th will take place, repeated consideration of the appeal complaint of the chairman of the Supreme body of an autonomy of Leonid Gracha on its exception of candidates of the Crimean parliament of new convocation will take place.

as the correspondent " passes; News " the chairman in republican court Ivan Korolkov has informed journalists that " with a view of objective research of circumstances on business " the appeal court has considered necessary personal participation in Leonid Gracha`s session, its opponents and the competitor on one-mandatory election district Tatyana Krasikovoj under which complaint the local court has deprived of the speaker of the right to stand for parliament.

participation of authorised representatives of both parties and the chairman of Electoral committee of Crimea Ivan Poljakova 2 is required.

The appellate court Board has studied on Wednesday, on March, 27th, the appeal of the speaker and arguments of the parties presented by lawyers, but the final decision has not accepted. This day Leonid Grach personally did not participate in appeal trial: being in pre-election holiday, it met voters in Kerch and Feodosiya, and its interests in court represented three lawyers.

" Leonid Grach has all powers to conduct election campaign as his name is included in the ballots sent for the press " - the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Crimea Ivan Poljakov has informed.

on Friday, on March, 29th, to Crimea there arrives the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma.