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In the USA the price for oil have risen on a record mark for the last half a year - B4 25,89 dollars

In the USA the price for oil has risen on record-breaking high for the last half a year a mark - B4 25,89 dollars for barrel. ABT it " News " have informed on Thursday in a staff - apartment of the Organization of the countries - exporters of oil/ the OPEC/ in Vienna.

experts consider that growth of the price for crude oil on Nju - the Jorksky raw stock exchange " Nimeks " and also at the London international stock exchange of raw materials " Ah - Pi - And " where the price of barrel of a North Sea oil mix " brent " under May futures has reached 25,72 dollars, it is called by sharp falling of stocks of oil energy carriers in warehouses and in oil storages of the countries - the basic petroconsumers.

OTOH, analysts mark, it is necessary to notice that certain influence renders the decision of the OPEC and other countries - large petroexporters to reduce the export volumes almost to 2 million barrels a day. Only the OPEC the oil export has reduced to the world markets for the last 15 MTH on 4 million barrels a day. This reduction of export of oil is much more serious, than in 1998 when the prices for oil have fallen B4 10 dollars for barrel.