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Intrusion of the Israeli tanks into Ramallah and capture of residence of Arafat is Sharon`s answer to peace proposals of Arabs, consider the Iraq mass-media

Intrusion of the Israeli tanks into Ramallu and capture of residence of Yasser Arafat is Sharon`s answer to peace proposals of Arabs to Israel, made on a MTG at the highest levels in Beirut. Such opinion as the correspondent " passes; News " adheres all Iraq newspapers which have left on Saturday.

" Israel always met NE peace initiatives escalation of aggressive actions concerning Palestinians, - the newspaper " writes; Iraq dejli " - And never respected the international decisions, including decisions of the United Nations and this organisation ".

Events in Ramallahe, are underlined thereupon by the newspaper, occur while the secretary general of the United Nations is in region.

Y, asks " Iraq dejli " The United Nations show powerlessness when it is a question of Israel, and at the same time establish " sanctions equal to a genocide " concerning Iraq?

Sharon could not make " a crime in Ramallahe " other Iraq newspaper, " is assured; Al - Iraq " if has not RCVed the preliminary consent of the USA which representative Anthony Zini is now in Israel. In favour of it, the newspaper believes, SPK also that fact that the administration of the USA some days before intrusion of the Israeli tanks into a city recommended to employees of the American representations to leave it. The Israeli management and administration of the USA, does a conclusion the newspaper, " do not respect Arabs from - for their weaknesses ".

All will be differently, is assured " Al - Iraq " if they C force of Arabs.

Only universal Arabian support of struggle of Palestinians can force the USA and Israel to reckon with will of Arabs, will force them to think properly before to take at least one step, the Iraq newspaper writes.

courageous opposition of occupation, echoes it " Iraq dejli " is that will force Sharon to reckon with opinion of Arabs, including W summit decisions in Beirut.

if Arabs, the newspaper continues, want " to impose the world " and to put an end to Israel occupations of the earths they do not have other choice, except " self-defences and oppositions ".