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In two villages of Khabarovsk territory quarantine in connection with jashchurom

is entered. In two villages of Khabarovsk territory quarantine in connection with disease jashchura at animals is entered.

As have informed " News " on Saturday in regional management of veterinary science, in a quarantine zone there are villages of the Sheremetyevo and Visible Vjazemsky area.

Quarantine is entered by the decision of regional administration on the basis of the order of the governor of Khabarovsk territory " ABT a series of measures under the prevention of distribution of disease of a horned cattle jashchurom in territory of Khabarovsk territory ".

" In frontier areas of edge to enter restrictions on movement of animals, transportation of forages and raw materials of an animal origin " - it is SPK in point 1. 2 orders.

According to veterinary management, in Khabarovsk territory the first stage of vaccination against jashchura type " is finished; Asia - 1 ". During this stage it is vaccinated about 50 thousand animals from public and personal flock.

the Second stage of vaccination will begin on September, 10th and will come to the end by September, 20th.

At present in Khabarovsk territory are destroyed 138 ill jashchurom cows in Bikinsky area and 56 infected cows in village of the Sheremetyevo of Vjazemsky area. Operating there is only one centre of an infection - in village Visible Vjazemsky area - 18 cows here are infected. The decision on their destruction is not accepted yet.