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Dams of New Orleans have not been calculated on force of hurricane

Dams of New Orleans have not been calculated on force of hurricane of the fourth category. On it on a press - conferences in Washington were informed by head of engineering armies of the USA general Charles Strok.

" Dams of New Orleans, the general extent more than 480 kilometres, have been designed and constructed counting upon restraint of hurricane of the third category. However, intensity of hurricane " Katrina " W which it has fallen upon New Orleans, has exceeded settlement durability of obstacles " - the general has told.

As he said when it became clear that force, W which " Katrina " will fall upon coast, corresponds to the fourth or fifth category, and dams cannot confront with water streams, evacuation has been declared.

He has noticed that the system of dams of New Orleans has been constructed 30 years ago, and designers hoped that it will serve 200 - 300 years before it will destroy any of storm or hurricanes. Then the percent of possibility of destruction of dams has been estimated by experts in 0,5 %. " Thus, we had 99,5 % of a guarantee that all will be as it should be. Unfortunately, we have got in these of 0,5 % " - the general has told.

He 2 has informed that workings out of new system of the dams, capable to confront with the fourth and fifth category of hurricanes, however " have some time ago begun; it will occupy not one year, and on building of such system more many years " will leave as early as;.

Now, by words the Line engineering armies dump from helicopters on the hurt sites of dams 135 - kilogramme bags W sand. However, he has told, 4 helicopter pilots it became " a problem of the second priority " As they star in poiskovo - a rescue operation.