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Bush: the rise in prices for oil products can badly affect economy

US president George Bush has declared that from - for hurricane blow " Katrina " the USA have faced serious faults in deliveries of energy carriers.

" the emergency situation Takes place and there was a considerable reduction of deliveries on volumes and duration " - it is SPK in the letter directed by Bush late at night on Friday addressed to the minister of internal security of the USA of Michael Chertoffa and the Minister of Energy of the USA Semjuelja Bodmana.

Informing in the letter that result of a current situation became " a sharp rise in prices for oil products " in the USA, head of the White house has warned ministers that " such rise in prices, probably, will make powerful negative influence on national economy ".

Bush has CFMed with the permission to the Minister of Energy to open strategic oil reserves of the USA in volumes as which the minister will consider necessary, and has granted the right to the minister of internal security temporarily to remove all existing restrictions on sea coastal transportations of oil from strategic reserves of the country.