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Heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the EU countries have not agreed about means of pressure for Turkey

Heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 25 European Union countries could not during an informal MTG 1 - on September, 2nd in Newport (Wales) to agree about means of pressure for Turkey to force it to recognise Cyprus, marks in the Belgian newspaper " Suar.

the edition ascertains that ministers and did not manage to accept the joint declaration in connection with the unilateral statement of Turkey that signing by Ankara of the report 2 the agreement on the customs union from EU, extending its action on 10 new members of this regional organisation, including Cyprus, does not mean a republic Turkey recognition.

Heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have assigned a problem of the coordination of the TXT of the declaration to ambassadors of the countries at EU which will gather for a MTG on September, 7th in Bruxelles.

Despite report signing that was one of the basic conditions of the beginning of the negotiations planned for October, 3rd ABT the introduction of Turkey into EU, Ankara refuses to open territory of the country 4 an easy approach of the Cyprian ships and planes.

the Turkish authorities assert that are not obliged it to do as their country is not a member of EU.

As observers, despite the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain presiding in EU voiced by head Jack Straw mark optimism as regards the decision of the Cyprian question " will occupy time " but it will not lead to revision of a target date of the beginning of negotiations ABT the introduction Turkey in EU, the MTG in Newport has shown that the given position is divided not by all its participants.

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France Phillip Dust - Blazi has declared that hardly probable it is obviously possible, that the country became a member of EU when even prior to the beginning of negotiations she declares refusal to recognise one of organisation member states.

Austria has offered will be limited in relations W Turkey the formula of exclusive partnership from EU.

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Turkey Abdulla Gjul has reacted To it the statement that that if will be offered to its country " something beyond a full membership, or new conditions, we will refuse ".

the Head of Cyprian diplomatic department Georgios, from its part, has voiced Jacob optimism concerning the negotiating process beginning when due hereunder and has rejected use possibility Nicosia the vetoes on the introduction of Turkey in EU.

" We expect that Turkey normalises relations W Republic Cyprus shortly " - he has underlined.

Meanwhile, on Friday it became known that the EuroParliament has postponed the ratification of the report planned for September, 26th 2 the agreement on the customs union of Turkey from EU.

In the statement of the head of committee of EuroParliament on the international affairs of Elmara Broka it is the decision it is named " unique logic reaction " on the unilateral statement of Turkey that distribution of the customs union to Cyprus does not mean its recognition within the limits of international law.

" As possibility of using is not given Cyprus by ports of Turkey, the report has no practical value... The relation W which Ankara has approached to this question, is unacceptable " - it is SPK in the statement.

the Member of parliament has warned that if Advice of EU and Eurocommission will not give to EuroParliament satisfactory explanations in connection with the arisen situation, negotiations ABT the introduction of Turkey into EU hardly probable can begin in the planned terms - on October, 3rd.