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Schroder - Merkels are going to watch teleduel of 70 % of citizens of Germany

For planned for this evening " teleduel " Schroder - Merkels are going to watch on the air more than 70 % of citizens of Germany.

As appears from the representative poll spent the day before by sociological institute " Forza " at the desire of TV channel RTL, thus 43 % from them intend " certainly " to trace all 90 minutes of discussion. Absence of any interest to this program have declared, according to poll, only 19 % of respondents.

Only 6 % of the interrogated have declared that duel exod will be " it is very important " 4 their choice for whom to vote, 22 % consider it 4 themselves " important " and in total 70 % - " not so important " or " unimportant ". " Yet not defined W a choice " - for whom at congress the chancellor has called " to struggle B4 the last " - Obviously become Schroder`s target audience. From them in total 46 % named teleduel

Television debate between 61 - summer chancellor Gerhard Schroder (SDPG) and by its basic competitor in struggle for this fast on elections laying ahead on September, 18th - 51 - summer Angela Merkel (HDS) will be shown on the air W 20. 30 on Sunday on four basic TV channels of Germany - ARD (" the First ") TSDF, RTL and Sat - 1. The management of TV channels expects that at screens will continuously be 15 million spectators.

the Favourite " fights of applicants " as has informed " TSDF - a political barometre " chancellor Schroder (48 % designate to it victory) is, only 11 % believe in Angela Merkel. Thus all sociologists converge what EVN a little that will change Schroder`s brilliant performance in the general situation developing in favour of opposition.

As organizers " have told; duels " translation will be conducted from studio " G " a television centre Berlin - Adlershof. Schroder and Merkel will rise behind panels from a light tree on which it is authorised to have only on a water glass, a notebook and a pen. Any public. In studio only nine chambers, technicians, protection and leaders.

Four most known leaders (on one from ANY1 TV channel) will ask questions. All channels will let out simultaneously in an aether the same picture. To the chancellor the first question is asked, but last gets to its competitor. On ANY1 answer it is taken away from 60 till 90 seconds. In the end of the program opponents can " to exchange " two-minute statements. It 2 is authorised to exchange remarks and to suppose notes. Correspondence is strictly forbidden.

On questions of journalists, as ANY1 of " duelists " will prepare for forthcoming fight, Schroder has responded, as the pioneer: " it is Always ready! "

As he said, he has got used to answer NE questions of mass-media " fairly and frankly " and therefore any special preparation it is not required to it. The main thing, according to the chancellor, " to present convincing arguments ".

However, according to the assistant to the official representative of the government Thomas Shtega, the chancellor took W itself to Hanover on " uik - end " Documents and mately and there " at a family support service " will prepare for debate.

Angela Merkel too took necessary mately home. She has told that will be " very carefully " to prepare for transfer. By data from an environment of the candidate, B4 the beginning " teleduels " it gathers together with the husband " to make long pedestrian walk ".

Political scientists prophesy to Schroder loss of sympathies of spectators if it it is too rigid " will drive " on the woman. OTOH, they do not recommend to the chancellor too " dzhentlmenstvovat " is can lead points losses.

Responding to it, Schroder SPK that " is not going to behave as - that differently from - that its opponent in teleduel the woman. " to make it would mean to show 2 it disrespect. In political arena of the NE it is necessary to take seriously " - the chancellor in interview TSDF has declared.

As a whole both sociologists, and political scientists, and journalists agree in opinion that " teleduel " chancellor Schroder will win, it is not known only W what separation. However it cannot to affect in the solving image position SDPG in a scale of sympathies of voters (last polls give 32 %). Here, according to all polls, on - former is in the lead HDS/ HSS (43 %). However, rupture can be reduced.

For now all stake on " duelists ". As the leader of TV channel TSDF, on 24 has informed. 00 Schroder - Merkels were quoted 57:24.