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the Head of the commission of the United Nations of investigation of murder of Hariri will visit Damascus

the Head of the commission of the United Nations of investigation of murder of former Lebanese prime minister Rafika Hariri German inspector Detlev Mehlis will visit Damascus on Saturday on September, 10th, has declared an official source in Syrian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The day before the Syrian representative in United Nations Fejsal Mekdad has declared to DIGNITY agency that Syria has officially invited the head of international commission Detleva Mehlisa to visit Damascus next Monday or Tuesday. At the same time from - for employment of the head of the international commission visit has been transferred the next Saturday.

In Syrian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2 have informed that Mehlis has expressed satisfaction an affirmative reply of Syria.

Earlier the representative of the United Nations has informed journalists that absence of timely cooperation from Syria has complicated a course of investigation.

At the same time Damascus repeatedly declared the intention completely to co-operate with the commission.

According to the Lebanese mass-media, in Damascus Mehlis intends to interrogate a number of the high-ranking Syrian officers ministering in Lebanon as witnesses. Under statements of Mehlisa, citizens of Syria among suspected of participation in this crime are not present.

Rafik Hariri was lost on February, 14th, 2005 as a result of explosion in Beirut, 20 more person who has carried away life.

Now as suspected of participation in murder of Hariri pass four high-ranking Lebanese officers.