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Natalia Molchanov became the world champion on diving

Russian Natalia Molchanov became the winner of superiority of the world among women on diving W a breath delay.

According to the official results extended by organizers of the first World championship on diving which passed on Saturday around small town Vilfransh - sjur - Measures in French riviera of France, Molchanov has confidently outstripped other competitors, having established thus a new world record of immersing on depth - 86 metres.

the Former record - 78 metres - belonged to the Canadian driver Mendi - Rej Krjukshenk (Mandy - Rae ˝rui˝kshank) which on present superiority has acted unsuccessfully and has been disqualified.

Swede Lotta Ericson who has taken the second place (Lotta Eri˝son) has shown result of 65 metres, Italian Malara Mattia (Malara Mattia) - 64 metres was the third.