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plane Searches in Khabarovsk territory yet have not given result

plane An Searches - 2 in Khabarovsk territory proceed more than six hours and yet have not given result.

As has informed " News " the operative person on duty of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia, search is complicated lesisto - a hilly terrain and weather conditions.

" Comb district two helicopters MI - 2, one of them already made refuelling. However while ABT the gone plane we have no data. Plane searches are complicated, as the district mountainous and is covered by woods " - the person on duty has told.

As he said, besides two helicopters MI - 2, in readiness there are two helicopters MI - 8 with rescuers onboard.

Samolet An - 2, Ekimchan following on a route - Udskos - Chubikan, has not contacted in 5. 50.

" the Plane has taken off in 5. 10 also has not contacted in 5. 50. It was gone in area of a mount 10 - 92 " - the operative person on duty has told.

According to preliminary data, onboard An - 2 there are three persons - one passenger and two crewmen.

the Plane belongs ROSTO Blagoveshchensk.