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Jakovenko: Russia will access to WTO only on beneficial terms

Russia will enter the World Trade Organization (WTO) only on conditions favourable to its economy, Alexander Jakovenko has declared the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation.

" It is necessary to underline that 4 us the WTO - not end in itself, and matter is not in the prompt terms of joining. Intend to enter this organisation when the co-ordinated conditions of our membership will be equitable completely to interests of strengthening of the Russian economy " - it is SPK in the interview of Jakovenko placed on an official site the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

the Deputy minister has noticed that negotiating process on joining of Russia to the WTO goes intensively enough in bilateral and multilateral formats. Negotiations are by this time complete and corresponding reports W 19 members of the WTO on access conditions on the Russian commodity market, W 13 - on services are signed. There is an active WRK over the total report of working group in which obligations of the Russian Federation on all complex of agreements of the WTO will be fixed.

" At the same time, not a secret that on a table there were most complicated questions, will reach the consent on which uneasy " - has noted the deputy minister. Speech, it has explained, goes, for example, ABT level of duties for import of production to such sensitive branches 4 Russia, as aerospace and motor industry, conditions of access of foreign banks and the insurance companies on the Russian financial market, measures of support of agriculture. It is necessary to solve 2 some question in the field of customs regulation, veterinary control, protection of intellectual property, regulation of the market, pharmaceutical production.

" Unfortunately, some countries on - former make the demands leaving for standard frameworks of agreements of the WTO (so-called " the WTO - plus ") . Among other they mention such essentially important questions 4 us, as price control to energy carriers, export duties, activity of the companies W the state participation " - Jakovenko has told.

" Intend to save high dynamics of negotiating process. Are convinced that it - in interests and our trading partners. After all the share of the countries W which negotiations are already finished, makes more than 85 % of our import " - has underlined zamglavy the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.