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the Lawyer of mother Gongadze: Kravchenko has been killed

by Eks - Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Kravchenko found dead past Friday at on a summer residence W two fire wounds of a head, has been killed, lawyer Lesi Gongadze - George Gongadze Andrey Fedur`s mothers considers.

" I am convinced that this real murder " - the lawyer in interview to agency " has told; News - Ukraine ".

" There is such impression that if there was not two shots, and three or four, all the same would SPK that this suicide " - he has added.

" Time between two shots was absolutely insignificant. In this connection it would be very interesting to me to look in eyes to those forensic scientists who will define W such ease and so QIK sequence of occurrence of physical injuries. Nevertheless, now Y - that at anybody is not present doubts that Kravchenko at first has shot to itself at a chin, and then in a temple. After all otherwise the version ABT suicide it was possible safely otmesti " - marks Fedur.

the Lawyer 2 results also other argument in favour of the version ABT Kravchenko`s murder.

" Kravchenkos read the burial service in church that do not do W suicides. I do not think that 4 priests all became so all the same. After all it is one of the most rigid church canons. It not legal argument, but nevertheless " - has underlined Fedur.

According to the lawyer, Kravchenko`s murder is favourable that, " who would like to hang up all business ABT murder of Gongadze on eks - the minister ".