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Kosachev and Ren van der Linden have discussed cooperation questions

Questions of cooperation of Russia with Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PASS) on the international affairs Konstantin Kosachev the chairman of Committee of the State Duma has discussed with the chairman the PASS Ren van der Lindenom which is in Russia W working visit on Friday in Moscow.

Specific subjects which are on the agenda negotiations, concern of the Russian side position of national minorities in the Baltic States is, in particular, has noted in interview " News " Kosachev. " We do not understand application of double standards 2 this situation. While in the PASS the document on a situation W infringement of the rights fino - the Ugrian people in Russia prepares, actual default by Latvia of the obligations taken on at the introduction into EU " is ignored; - the head of the Duma committee has specified.

He has underlined that an important subject is 2 counteraction to attempts geroizatsii nazism in this country. Kosachev has informed that in the PASS now at the initiative of the Russian side the special document on this question prepares.

In Moscow highly appreciate that fact that van der Linden recently appointed to this fast, the first foreign visit makes to Moscow. " 4 us it is an important signal, an important impulse 4 interaction " - the deputy has underlined.

According to Kosacheva, the agenda of negotiations is rather extensive and " includes many constructive, creative subjects ". " We conduct active WRK and we co-operate on preparation for the summit of the Council of Europe which will pass 16 - on May, 17th in Warsaw " - the Russian member of parliament has told. He has noticed that the summit will play a key role in definition of the future architecture of security in Europe and rasredelenii roles between such organisations, as, in particular, OSCE, the NATO, ODKB and many other things. These organisations in

As he said, other important subject of dialogue maintenance of legal bases of interaction of the states of Europe in struggle against the international terrorism is. He has informed that at the initiative of Russia in the PASS the project of the Universal convention on struggle against the international terrorism is prepared. " probably, we will have time to finish it 2 the forthcoming summit in Warsaw " - Kosachev has noted.

It has reminded that Russia co-operates W the PASS on the Chechen problematics. " we do not leave from dialogue on this question " - the deputy has underlined. It has reminded that on March, 21st in Strasbourg will pass a round table W participation by rather representative Russian delegation into which will enter " Key representatives of the Chechen Republic ".