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Outflow of means under fictitious transactions in 2004 was cut by half

Outflow of means from Russia under fictitious transactions in 2004 cut by half in comparison with previous years, the head " has informed on Friday to journalists; Rosfinmonitoringa " Victor Zubkov.

" In 2002 - 2003 left money abroad under so-called fictitious transactions much, - he has noted. - I will not name the sum though they to me are known, but I can tell that in 2004 this sum was twice less ".

According to Zubkov, now " Rosfinmonitoring " conducts the WRK directed on completely to block these illegal financial streams.

" We now work on a broader scale to cover this opening of leaving of our money abroad " - head " has declared; Rosfinmonitoringa ".

At the same time, it has not excluded that if these channels will be blocked, will be found " Still any openings ".