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Russian Space Department has organised a space exhibition 4 children of Beslan

Breadboard models of a moon rover and other space vehicles for the first time are exposed in the Osset city of Beslan within the limits of the exhibition which have opened there " Space - to children of Beslan ". " the Arrangement on it has been reached in the beginning of this year during a MTG of the president of the North Ossetia Alexander Dzasokhov and the assistant to general director NPO of a name of Lavochkina Ruslana Komaeva " - has informed " News " the representative of Russian Space Department.

At an exhibition full-size breadboard models of space vehicles, a moon rover " are presented; the Moon - 24 " the lander " the Union " small station " Mars - 96 " space survival suits. Here it will be possible to C in the reduced scale space vehicles " the Pomegranate " " astron " " a Fobos " and others. The exhibition which is initially calculated on children of school age, has drawn ATTN and adults. Children practise in management of a moon rover by means of the panel, observe of WRK of the planet research vehicle placed on a special platform. ANY1 interested person can " to test itself in a role of the cosmonaut " sowing in an armchair in the lander.

" the Charitable action " Space - to children of Beslan " it is offered by management NPO of a name of Lavochkina and it is completely supported by Russian Space Department, - the head of Federal space agency Anatoly Perminov has declared. - These days we C that ATTN 2 it genuine ".

the Head of the Russian space agency has noticed that 2 it " references of regions of Russia and the CIS countries W the request arrive to hold in their territories similar exhibitions ". " I Hope that in June we will spend it in Astana, having dated 2 50 - letiju the cosmodrome Baikonur " - he has informed.