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In Moscow will construct habitation 4 owls

In Jugo - East administrative district of Moscow in territory of Kuzminsky park building " has begun; habitation " 4 owls. As has told " News " the deputy director ekologo - the educational CTR Has got hoarse Tuninsky, " apartments " 4 owls will be ready to Day of birds - on April, 9th. " in park Kuzminki the workshop where under special drawings build small houses 4 birds already works. Outwardly apartments are similar to starling houses, however owl`s houses much more on the size and are warmed by down " - has explained Tuninsky.

As he said, besides every possible competitions in Day of birds show of predators in which sea eagles and falcons will take part will take place. However the main things " characters " there are owls, after all these feathery the International union of protection of birds declared a bird of 2005.

As has informed " News " The senior research assistant of the Darvinian museum Vitaly Kontorsky, 4 kinds of owls nest in the Moscow forest parks: grey nejasyt, house sych, ushastaja and a marsh owl.

the Employee of a museum has underlined that all representatives of group owl`s are brought in the Red book of Moscow.